Welcome To Future Bass Trails, LLC


Hello Future Bass Anglers

  Sorry about all the delays in getting this schedule put together. This year, so many tournament trails and other issues had to be addressed before we could come out with a tentative schedule. Then we had to wait for approval before posting.

  Two Directors have resigned from Future Bass. Dennis Brady from the Eufaula Division, and Sean Brady from the Northeast Division. Dennis allows he needs less Directoring and more fishing in his senior years. We at Future Bass wish Dennis all the luck in the world fishing, and would like to extend a great big THANK YOU, for all the years he and Marsha ran the Eufaula Division. Tami and I are going to take over the Eufaula Division. This will make three divisions we are running. With this many days to schedule, we have had to schedule two Eufaula events on Sunday. Seems like we need about ten more Saturdays on the calender in order to stay off Sundays. At this time, we still have no one in mind to run the Northeast Division. If anyone knows a Director who runs a weekly jackpot on Ft. Gibson or Hudson, and think they would be good at running the Northeast Division, please have them give me a call.

Thank You

Any Questions Call:
Joe Copeland
cell 580-504-7320
fax  580-759-8857

All entrants in Future Bass Trails LLC will display a bright pink ribbon.
This will be for identification and in honor of breast cancer awareness.

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